Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saving Rivers and Connecting with others

This is one of two blogs that are updated daily by me (now that I'm back from vacation). The other is Collective Wisdom and there are clickable headlines on the right side of this page.

Today at lunch while checking email, I noticed an e-mail from Abby Frost, who came across this website due my posting yesterday about the three radio stations I work for including WGL, The River.

According to her website,, Abby has been very actively working on environmental issues here in Fort Wayne and the area. Check out her site and tell her I sent ya!

By the way, I have known Abby for a couple of years, but never knew about this side of her. I didn't even know her last name until today. It turns out she works at Tri-Angle Park, where my wife and I often go on Friday nights!

Yes, it is a small world and getting even smaller.

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