Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy/Merry Holimas?

As I have been sending Christmas cards out to clients and friends, I have a stack of cards with a bible verse from Luke 2:11; also a stack that have Santa on the cover, plus a stack that has a gift wrap theme. All of them mention Christmas to one degree or another. As I select which card to mail to which person, I realize that there are some folks that are quiet with their beliefs, others are loud, and others I have no idea. There are a couple of folks that are Jewish. They'll get a Happy New Year card, eventually.
If you are reading this and waiting for your card from me and it doesn't arrive, forgive me please, my lousy handwriting can only address so many cards. And then the mail man has to try and decipher what I wrote!?!?!?
On this whole subject is this bit of news:

Happy Holidays' Or 'Merry Christmas'?

In its fourth annual survey, finds that 60% of holiday gift baskets were sent using the term "holidays" on the gift card as opposed to "Christmas." The company says it's a "stark reversal" of the previous three-year trend. The percentage preferring "holidays" was:

In 2004, 58%

In 2005, 43%

In 2006, 27%

In 2007, 60%

"The most surprising element of this test is the huge swing from last year," says Don Crowther, president of "For something to more than double in one year indicates that a major factor has changed.

"Perhaps it is because of the election season (note that the previous high was in 2004, a national election year), or perhaps it is due to the increasing sensitivity to other cultures and their holiday celebrations."

On the other hand:

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