Monday, December 10, 2007

Cats, Coffee and Choice

Cats: Nearly a week ago we had a grumpy neighbor visit us complaining about our cat Napoleon. Nappy is the white cat of ours that has grown accustomed to outside living. Problem is that he apparently doesn't know his boundaries and has been bothering this neighbor and getting into his stuff. So we decided to confine the cat to the inside of our house. And we did from Tuesday until last night. We took extra precautions so he would not run out when the garage door was open and it worked. Until last night. He got out. For about 3 hours and then we found him sitting on the front porch swing and brought him back inside. The training continues....

Coffee: Never drank the stuff except for the caffeine until I met Kathy 7+ years ago. Since then I have had my share of espresso drinks and overpriced mocha beverages. Here is Fort Wayne there are a number of coffee shops that offer free wi-fi which makes it an alternative to my desk and office. And there is also...

Choice: Yesterday, while hanging out with a group of friends at one of my favorite coffee shops, the topic of choice came up. What became an interesting dialog/debate/argument with a philosophy professor only became so because of the word usage. Words such as "choice" and "free will" were being debated, as Steve had this occasional puzzled look on his face. In the meantime, I understood where he was coming from and his perspective which was filled with both "absolutes", and "exceptions to the rule". Having read and studied various aspects of neurology, sociology, and psychology, has provided me with an interesting mix of perspectives and insights. My basic argument is that we make choices constantly, based on the world we are exposed to. The "free will" is only free to choose that which it knows about.

And the more I know, I realize how much I do not know!

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